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Jena Cody

Jena Cody HorsemanshipMy Journey started out when I was 2 years old. My parents decided a pony was better than pushing around a baby stroller on their nightly walks. From then on I was addicted. I began riding in local gymkanas and when that wasn’t enough after going to 3 of them a month in the Verde Valley area in Arizona, I went on to compete in the Arizona Junior Rodeo Association and Arizona State High School Rodeo Association. I won multiple state championships and was a top ten contender. I loved the Rodeo life style and cowboy way of life.

I started a breeding/training business with my family. Our goal was to breed top quality barrel horses and I would train them. My dad would be the brains behind the breeding operation. We had our first horse in 2000 and thus began our dream of the Flying J Stables Naturally ranch.

Our next move was to the Four Corners Colorado area. We live in a beautiful little town called Mancos. We have a 61 acre ranch where we raise and train our horses. After I moved to Colorado with my parents, I took some time to learn the Parelli Natural Horsemanship principals. I was able to spend 2 years at Pat Parelli’s barn where I learned about what makes a true foundation on a horse. I also learned about raising horses naturally.

In learning this process it became clear to me why I wasn’t getting the last 10 percent out of my horses. It’s easy to get them to perform and easy to take them to the arena, but what we don’t realize is that most horses that we “blow up” or horses that wont run have problems that ALWAYS comes back to the foundation and the way they were raised. Raised meaning do they have a “stall life” or a Natural Life.

Horses are prey animals not predators like we are. They don’t need fancy stalls and being fed 3 times a day. They need to move and be in pastures. That’s the way God designed them to be. Those little monsters that get bad behaviors in stalls is because they are being treated like prisoners. How well would you perform if you lived in prison? How many bad behaviors would you pick up in prison? Horses are social creatures and need other horse interaction. Take that away and ask yourself why they won’t give you their everything. This is only the beginning to the philosophies that I use in training horses thanks to the views I learned from Parelli and my own personal experience.

I am really passionate about barrel racing and although I have had some time off, I also had to start fresh with my new principals and beliefs in my training. I will be in the barrel arena very soon. I want to change the lives of barrel horses and make them better and happier. Let me help you and your horse and better facilitate your journey.

Remember that life is really about the quality that we are able to create and live by and I want the best. Thank you for your time and remember to …

Keep It Natural.

Jena Cody